• Katerina Irwin

What if Hitler returned


The holocaust is a widely researched topic, historians are fascinated on how such events could have taken place. This topic has lead people to think what if Hitler had returned? Look who's back is a German satirical film directed by David Wnendt. Hitler is dropped in the modern world with no context at all, some how he finds into the hearts of the German people. Many believe he's simply a comedian and used by a TV network to gain viewers. The beginning of the film has him traveling around Germany asking the people about their beliefs on the democracy and Germany's government. It may seem like he was being sympathetic towards the people, but he was not. His motives were simply to gain information because he was dropped in a new time era that he was not in control of. Collecting information that way he could build a campaign and persuade citizen in his beliefs. Something that stuck out in the film is how it was acknowledged that people already have the belief and all it took was someone to lead and push those ideas for a movement to begin. This is just a small interpretation to a larger issue that was being reflected upon from society. Watch the movie on Netflix to build your own idea on what the underlying message of the movie could bring.

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