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Bad News Game

Updated: Feb 23, 2019


Have you ever fallen down the internet rabbit hole for hours of meaningless entertainment. I think that's a yes to everyone especially when we were younger. I remember game sites that had stupid, but entertaining games. Well the game I came across could be put into the category of entertaining and time wasting, but in a good way. The game is called Bad News, and its nothing like I suspected. Essentially you play the role as a "news monger" and build your own twitter account to gain followers and credibility. Whats the game really about? It's clear it shows how easy it is to impersonate an account to spread false information for that persons entertainment which is incredibly relatable to the real life, we call these people trolls. Something that I noticed about myself as a player of this game is that is was really obvious what choices I should pick in order to gain more followers and to keep my credibility up, which made that aspect of the game unrealistic. Overall my opinion on fake news, or misinformation has not really changed because I already assumed that people try to falsely spread information on social media. The goal you could say is that, by gaining support spreading false information, you captured an audience to send out a real life problem in the world that you would not have gotten attention from in the first place.

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